Everything You Need to Know About Fanzy Petz Dog Bandanas

Everything You Need to Know About Fanzy Petz Dog Bandanas

Everything You Need to Know About Fanzy Petz Dog Bandanas

If you are a dog owner, then you need one of the Fanzy Petz dog bandanas. Click here for everything you need to know about these fashionable accessories.

Over half of US households are homes to dogs and their humans. That's right, 108 million doggos call the US their home. We don't need statistics to tell us how much we love our four-legged friends.

We love the way our doggies always love us back. We love how their wet noses find our hands and give us the "pet me?" eyes. They're not just pets, dogs are the loyal family members we don't deserve.

So how can we repay our precious pooches for their unconditional love? After the obvious love, affection, and proper care, we can go the extra mile. Why not show our best friends how much we love them by giving their look a little zhuzh?

Dog bandanas are a practical and attractive accessory for Fido and Fifi. Keep reading to find out why you should have at least a few dog bandanas in your canine's closet.

Bandana 101

Most people (and probably dogs) believe the word bandana originated from the Sanskrit word badhnati (to tie or bind). Sometime around the 1750s, the word became bandana to the English-speaking world. 

Bandana Who's Who

Bandanas were often used in United States political campaigns. Some people attribute this to Martha Washington's commissioning of her husband on a horse. This is the first known US bandana and started a trend amongst other politicians.

By the 1950s, Americans were jumping on the bandanawagon. From Mickey Mouse to Dwight D. Eisenhower, everyone seemed to be on a bandana. This folded three-cornered fabric was now seen as a powerful marketing tool.

Bandanas have been used for function and statements throughout US history. Coal workers in the 1920s wore red bandanas to symbolize their demand for a union. In the World War II era, women working in factories used bandanas to tie back their hair (Rosie the Riveter, anyone?).

Some use bandanas as symbols of rebellion, others use them for necessity. Groups and individuals in the US have used bandanas to communicate things important to them. It only makes sense that bandanarama would translate to our dogs.

If the Dog Bandana Fits

Your best friend deserves the best duds. But just like humans, dog neckwear needs to be the right size. Some breeds are prone to tracheal collapse. Too much pull on their necks could cause serious physical harm.

The AKC recommends sizing collars using a quick finger slip test. Humans should be able to fit one finger between the collar and body of a smaller dog. For larger breeds, allow two fingers.

This is a great test for bandanas as well. The dog banana you buy should be the right fit and the right style. Keep reading to find out why your doggo should don a dog bandana.

1. Healthy and Happy

Did you know there are actual health benefits to dog bandanas? Dog bandanas can protect dogs from the hot sun. They can help prevent sunburn.

If you purchase a dog bandana, soak it in cool water before heading out on your warm summer walks. Wet bandanas can help doggo from getting too hot.

Go the extra mile by getting a fun summer-themed pattern. Your doggie can be protected from heat and sunburn, and look great doing it!

2. Pawsitively Posh

Dressing well helps us feel better. It also affects how others view us. Do you think that's true for dogs, too?

We dress for the seasons, and so should our dogs. If you buy dog bandanas for every season, you'll be spreading cheer all year round. How can others see a doggie in a bandana and not smile?

You can go matchy-matchy with your dog if you're really into it. Coordinate your outfits with their favorite dog bandanas. Chances are, both of you will feel good when you're looking good!

3. They've Got Personality

It's not your imagination, your doggo can have a distinct personality. Dog fashion is a great way to show that personality off a little. If Sammy is the sweetest, get some cutesy dog bandanas.

Is Bandit kind of a badass? Skulls and crossbones pattern bandanas are what he needs when he's riding with his ruff crowd.

Dog bandanas are a great way to let everyone know a little more about your unique best friend.

4. They Like to Move It, Move It

The best bandana for your dog has to move with them. Even if they lay around all day, our doggies deserve comfortable pet fashion. Dog bandanas should be measured for the correct size.

They should never squeeze too tight on doggo's neck. Bandanas that aren't tight enough can easily fall off. If your sweet pup eats their latest trend, you could be in for a visit to the vet (read: $$$).

Dog bandanas should move easily with your doggie.

5. When Hairy Met Fanzy

You may be thinking, "Ok, bandanas are great but I don't want more ways to spread the shed." That makes sense. With the right bandana material, that won't be a concern.

Products like Fanzy Petz dog bandanas are made from a shed-resistant material. That's right, they won't add more fur to your floor collection. Even the furriest of fellas can enjoy a dapper dog bandana.

6. Communication Station

Dog bandanas can serve a practical purpose by communicating with others. Maybe your dog doesn't appreciate being touched when out and about. Your dog can wear a brightly colored bandana and a "don't touch" picture and/or words.

On the other hand (or paw), maybe your doggie is social. Bandanas can tell the general public that doggo is safe and friendly! Phrases like "kid-friendly" or "pet me" are a great addition to a pretty printed bandana.

Are you doing therapy dog visits? The general public should know about that, too. A fun dog bandana that says "therapy dog" lets everyone know your doggo is there for the snuggles.

While therapy dogs welcome love and attention, service dogs shouldn't be disturbed. Petting a service dog can be distracting or confusing. This can take away from its job of keeping their human safe.

Dog bandanas can be an effective way to tell the general public this dog is working. Place a picture, words, or both on a solid or patterned dog bandana

Wear It Out (and Back)

Are you ready to purchase dog bandanas for your furry favorite? Are you wondering how to put it on?

Here are a few ways your pup can don their doggie duds.

The Hang

Dogs who wear their bandanas this way let the triangle part hang down below their collar. The dog bandanas shouldn't hang too low or be too loose.

If the bandana is too low, it could trip your doggie. A low-hanging dog bandana can be easily caught on low branches, snagging the material. Snagged bandanas could take doggo with them, possibly causing an injury.

Always make sure dog bandanas are the proper size and hang height. Bandanas should stay close to your doggie's body, even when they move.

The Cape

Your furbaby deserves to look like the superhero they are! Some dogs prefer to wear their bandana fabric along their backs. This is also a great option for pups who find the hang too much of a drag.

The cape design helps shield doggo from the sun. It can also keep your furry friend cool if you get it wet first.

Make sure your cape-style bandana fits properly. If it's too tight, doggie will be uncomfortable. If the bandana cape is too loose, it could catch on branches or bushes. It could also annoy your sweet pooch by flopping down all the time.

Your furry hero can fly (err...run) away in style with the right fit and material!

Ties, Clips, and Elastic. Oh, My!

If you're in search of the best dog bandana, you've noticed something. They're not all made the same. Some close by clasping or clipping.

Others have a tie. Yet another style is already connected, you just loosen or tighten it. But then you saw this one that was held together by elastic.

So which type is best for your best friend? Here's a closer look at the pros and cons of each dog bandana.


Let's start with dog bandanas that tie together. Hold these trendy triangles together by loosely tying the ends in a knot or bow. Owners should take care not to tie these too tight.

The advantage here? You can customize the size to fit Fido perfectly!

Tying your pooch's outfit together using a tie-closure bandana can be more secure. You can make sure Fido's fashion stays put by securing the knot yourself. If the knot is tight and the size is right, doggo looks out of sight!


If you like the fresh, clean sound of a clip closure, you're in luck. Dog bandanas with a plastic clip have one end with three prongs and one open end. The two ends snap together with an audible "click" sound when closed correctly.

When it's time to take the dog bandana off, simply pinch the clip sides and slide the pronged side out. This little system is easy for owners to operate. It's also complicated enough that your doggie can't do it.

The downside to clip closure bandanas? If your fingers get in the way of that clip, it can pinch your skin. You always knew there was a downside to this opposable thumb business.

A clip-closure dog bandana can have customized sizes. Owners can adjust to fit by sliding plastic or metal sizers to expand or make it smaller. This comes in handy as puppies grow, their bandanas can grow along with them.


If you've worn a belt or a traditional watch, you've seen the buckle in action. One side of the bandana collar area has holes in it. The other side has a metal or plastic piece with one or two prongs. These prongs fit into the pre-made holes.

The extra collar material (or tail) is tucked into the other side of the plastic or metal piece with the prong. Viola! You have a buckled dog bandana.

These are also pretty secure. Some owners may find them a little fussy to use. If your doggie doesn't like to sit still, you may have a rough time fighting with a buckle bandana.


Elastic closure dog bandanas are held together by one or more pieces of elastic. These don't separate at the collar. Rather, owners add puppy flair by slipping the bandana over the doggo's head. It's pretty quick and easy.

The issue with elastic? It's not customizable. Because it's a fixed size, these dog bandanas won't fit your pup as well as something with sizing options.

A dog bandana that's too loose is more likely to fall off and get damaged, lost, or eaten. On the other side of the coin, if your dog's bandana is too tight, that's downright dangerous. Never put a bandana on your four-legged best friend that's even a little bit too tight.

Dog Bandanas for Your Best Friends

Dog bandanas serve several surprising functions. If you buy a dog bandana for your doggo in the summer, it can help shield him/her from the sun. Soaking dog bandanas in water can help keep your companions cool in the heat.

Does your pooch have personality? Buy a dog bandana that shows it off. You could even get coordinating outfits because why not?

Are looking for the best dog bandanas for you and your doggo? Check out our selection at Fanzy Petz. Fanzy Petz bandanas are made from breathable, hair-repellant material. They're machine washable and reversible.

Do you have a funny idea for a bandana design? We're all ears! Drop us a line and make us laugh.

While you're at it, pick up a dog bandana or two. Your dog will thank you!

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